Here are some frequently asked questions about What in the Health? to help you get to know us!

Q: What is “What in the Health?” and why should I care?

A:  We are dedicated to providing our listeners with public health information that is accessible, relevant, and easy to understand.  There can be a lot of misconceptions about certain topics, and we wish to clear those up with our interviews with professionals.  To learn more, head over to the About page.

Q: Where can I listen?

A: We upload our episodes onto Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube.  Just search “What in the Health? Podcast.” You can also find them here on our Home page.  

Q: How can I be notified when there is a new episode?

A: If you’re using Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Youtube, make sure to subscribe so you can see whenever we upload new episodes. You can also look out for our social media posts and emails, where we will mention when the next episode will be posted.

Q: What can I expect from your social media?

A: Our goal is to create a digital community of people who are passionate about public health.  We want our social media to be a space where you can connect with us and learn more about the topics we discuss.  We are planning on posting a variety of content, including current events, resources for you to learn more, as well as general updates regarding our episodes.  

Q: Why should I submit feedback?

A: We rely on your feedback to make our content better and more accessible.  Aside from providing public health information, we are also exploring how podcasts can be used as a teaching tool.  We use your feedback to analyze how much you are learning by listening to us.

Q: What kind of feedback are you looking for?

A: Anything helps!  Some examples could be critiques, recommendations for future episodes, advice, etc. We just want to make sure you’re learning something from our episodes.

Q: How should I submit feedback?

A: You can submit feedback directly through this website by going to the Contact Us page.  There, you should see a box where you can send us a message.  Otherwise, you can send us an email, a social media DM, or fill out the surveys that we’ll release later on.  

Q: I really liked one of your guest speakers and I want to learn more about them.  Where can I get their information?

A: If you head over to our Podcasts page, we list every resource from every episode.  This includes any research we collected, as well as contact info for each special guest.  

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