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Welcome to What in the Health? (also known as WitH The Podcast)! We are a digital platform that helps young adults make informed health choices by combining credible health information with expert opinions at Johns Hopkins University. Recognizing that the abundance of public health research and its intersections can be daunting, we wanted to create a podcast and social media platform that condenses everything you need to know in under an hour. Why this time frame? Because we know that our audience leads busy lives, and sometimes, just knowing the basics about topics, such as COVID-19, skincare, or even Big Pharma, is enough to spark one’s curiosity to explore more. As a student-led initiative, our goal is to help you recognize trends, misconceptions, resources, and information to take control of your health. Between regular podcast episodes, interviews, informative social media posts, and much more, we invite you to join a community that empowers your experiences with public health. Our hope is that you recognize that public health can be found anywhere and everywhere around you.

Meet the founders!

“Health is so important, but making good health decisions can feel so complicated at times. I hope that What in the Health can simplify that decision-making process to keep us all happy and healthy.”

“Public health is one of those subjects where you feel like you know a lot, but in reality you’ve only scratched the surface. And most of the time, it’s hard to learn beyond those surface-level facts and differentiate between what’s right and wrong.”

“Hopefully through WITH the Podcast, you will be able to thoroughly understand different concepts within public health that allow you to educate friends and family, empower the needs of your community, and question prominent systematic teachings.”

About Stella

The creation of What in the Health? would not have been possible without the help of our sweet friend, Stella Chung. This platform is a tribute to her and everything she stood for: authenticity, seeking knowledge, and acting as a liaison between academics and community. Our hearts are still heavy from her sudden and unfortunate passing, but we honor her memories and dreams through this digital platform. From writing grant applications to brainstorming discussion topics, Stella played an instrumental role in transforming this project from a vision to reality. Thank you Stella, for your unconditional help and support. Without you, none of us would be able to continue this project. We hope that What in the Health? is everything you wanted to see as a public health student, avid podcast listener, dedicated learner, and every other incredible aspect that made your sense of being. 

With so much love,

Fateha, Eric, and Rina

Additional Notes:

  • Special thanks to Mrs. Keri Frisch at the Johns Hopkins Department of Public Health for mentoring and supporting us throughout this entire project!
  • All episodes edited on Garageband and Logic Pro
  • Music credits: all music made on Logic Pro by Rina Helt

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