What in the Health?

Welcome to the What in the Health? podcast series!

We are a digital platform that helps young adults make informed health choices by combining credible health information with expert opinions at Johns Hopkins University.


6/1/2021: Our third episode, “Patient Safety” is live! We interviewed Dr. Kathryn McDonald, a JHU Bloomberg Distinguished Professor, about how visible factors can affect medical diagnoses. Tune in to learn more about how you can advocate for yourself at the doctor!

4/15/2021: Our second episode, “Stress, Social Media, and Self-Care” is live! Check it out on the Podcasts page or the streaming platforms below.

12/29/2020: Our first episode is live! Check out “College and COVID,” where we interviewed three undergraduate students across the US and a pulmonary critical care physician from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. You can find it on the Podcasts page or on the streaming platforms below!

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